Real Time Telephone Number Validation

Number Validator provides real time telephone number validation services for use by contact centres and other large users of data for outbound calling to the UK residential market. Number Validator differs from other products in the market because it offers a real time live network check, rather than simply matching against a database, which may or may not be accurate and up to date.

Number Validator will also confirm if a mobile telephone is currently switched on or has been switched on in the past three hours, significantly enhancing the chances of diallers making a successful outbound call. Similarly, if a mobile telephone has not been switched on in the last three hours, this will be confirmed. This means that your dialler efficiency can be enhanced by setting it to ignore mobile numbers which are currently switched off.

In addition to mobile telephone numbers, Number Validator can also validate that UK landline numbers are working and live. This check is also done in real time.

What does this mean?

By increasing the efficiency of your diallers, Number Validator will positively impact upon the efficiency of your agents, optimising data and ensuring 100% of your records are contactable before your diallers attempt an outbound call. The increased value of your data is clear.

How does it work?

Number Validator works by maintaining a real time connection into the mobile networks. This makes the service extremely accurate and numbers can be validated quickly in most cases will result in an outcome within 2 seconds. Our service differs from telephone "pinging", as Number Validator does not actually place an audio call. The number being validated will not ring or be unavailable for other incoming calls, so the customer will not be disturbed by the validation process.

Mobile Telephone Number Validation Outcomes

Code: Description:
INVALID The mobile phone number is incorrect or has been disconnected.
NON-MOBILE The phone number isn't on the GSM network.
AVAILABLE The mobile phone is switched on.
UNAVAILABLE The mobile phone hasn't been switched on for the past three hours.

Number Validator will also tell you what network the number is with and if the handset is currently in the UK.

Landline Telephone Number Validation Outcomes

Code: Description:
AVAILABLE Indicates that the number is valid and reachable.
INVALID Indicates that the number is invalid and therefore not reachable.
TEMPINVALID Temporary network error which is not predicted to last for an extended period.
NUMBERCHANGED Indicates that the number tested has been changed. If the number is called from a telephone you will be told an alternative number.
FOREIGN Indicates that the number is foreign and we are unable to validate it.
MOBILE Indicates that the number is a mobile and we are unable to validate it using this service.
ERROR Unable to validate due to temporary error on the telephone network.
AMBIGUOUS Ambiguous result – the telephone number probably needs to be manually tested.

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